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Digital Agency for all

We provide a cloud-based platform for Port Agents to digitalize their workflows, from PDA to Ops to Approvals to FDA.


We provide a simple customized workflow that fits your unique requirements.


It includes intelligent features such as dashboards and automation that allow you to work smarter!


Now in its 4th year, we have taken in Customer feedback to update and constantly improve.

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Marine Open Reporting App

Transform the traditional BBS workflow by tedious data entry and accepting richer sources of data. The MORA social platform raises safety awareness by making safety engaging and fun for all.


Now supported with our groundbreaking AI reports generation function that allows you to make the most of the large amounts of data collected.

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Remote Audit application

Make the vessel crew or site teams be your eyes and hands! Create easy to use test protocols that site teams can access from their mobile devices.


Allow teams to submit data in varied forms, such as checkboxes, multiple selectors, text, pictures and videos to enable your team to build better reports remotely.